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Micky Wilkerson

Sobriety Date:



North Charleston, SC

Current activities:

I have been blessed to be made part of the team here at Oaks Recovery. I enjoy going to church and fishing when I am not serving the residents at The Oaks. I also have the opportunity to serve the community through service work and work with Greenwood County Drug Court. ( Peer Support )

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What does recovery mean to you?

Recovery means an opportunity to rebuild what my years of drinking / addiction tore down. It means restoring relationships. It means freedom. It means learning to live selflessly, giving to others instead of Always putting Micky 1st.

What does recovery look like to you?

Recovery looks like keeping God first in my life so I can be of maximum service to others. It looks like living by God’s principles and the principles of AA ( to the best of my abilities), in order to love myself enough to Never have to want / need to hide behind a drink or drug again!

What is something you do for yourself in your recovery?

I pray and I mean a lot…. I try to remain grateful. I am as transparent as I can be today. Today, if I wrong someone, I man up and admit my fault. I try my best to go to bed with a clear conscience, that way when I wake up ( God Willing ) I can start my day thanking God for waking me and another opportunity to get today right.

What is something you do for others in recovery?

I wear several hats here at The Oaks. I am on staff, I’m a sponsor, I am a brother and I am a friend. I take each one of those roles very serious. Whether it’s a resident here at the facility or someone out in Greenwood, I know I must pass on what was so freely given to me…. the gift of sobriety. I had a great sponsor that took me through the steps thoroughly and I do my best to guide other brothers through.

Advice you’d give to someone new in recovery?

Give it a chance. I know, personally, I have tried it My Way and it hasn’t worked. Putting God 1st, humbling myself, using the 12 Steps, following directions, staying obedient and passing this message of recovery on to others is working for me. That is my experience

What’s your favorite hobby in sobriety?

Without a doubt, fishing. I could fish 8 hours per day, every day. Except on Sunday, when I go to church

Anything else you’d like to share or add?

Just my experience, “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. I can only speak for what is working for me and my sobriety. I need to Keep God 1st in my life, I must stay humble, I must stay transparent and I need the help of my brothers and sisters in sobriety ( the Fellowship ). We do Recover and we are Not bad people.

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