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Our approach

The 12-step Program done right

If you have had bad experiences with 12-step programs in the past, you aren’t alone. Many well-meaning people and institutions make changes and modifications to the process or encourage you to take the steps very slowly.

Our goal at Oaks is to guide people through the entire 12-step program – correctly and quickly! We exclusively follow the program as it was originally conceived for Alcoholics Anonymous with no modifications or adaptations.

Please note that we are not a detox center, hospital, or mental health facility. Medical services can play an important role in addiction recovery. If you believe that you or your loved one require these services, we encourage you to seek them before enrolling in our programs.

Our Programs

Your Path To Recovery

Our intensive programs are designed to provide a distraction-free learning environment so that you can master the basics of life in recovery quickly. 

Our exceptional staff are peer recovery specialists and coaches who have personal experience with addiction and recovery. They guide each person through the whole process. 

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Short-Term Intensive

In this intensive 42-day program, women learn and implement the essential skills and daily practices needed to stay sober through the 12-step program of action.

This program might be the right fit for anyone whose circumstances make a longer time commitment difficult. If you decide you want to stay longer, you have the option to transition into the Long-Term Intensive program at any time.

Long-Term Intensive

This 4-month program includes everything provided in our Short-Term Intensive program but provides women with more time to practice and master the skills they need for a successful life in recovery.

This program also gives women more opportunities to work with others in recovery and build a sense of community. This belonging and accountability within the recovery community are essential for long-term sobriety.

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Recreation Activities

Building a Full Life

Recovery isn’t just about getting sober, it’s about building a life that you want to live. In addition to our core programs, we provide plenty of opportunities for you to rediscover the joy in life throughout your stay at Oaks Recovery.

Arts & creativity

Group painting and other creative activities give you a chance to engage with the creative process and express yourself.

Exercise & physical health

Whether it’s mindfulness yoga, outdoor volleyball, or going for a run – no matter what type of physical activity you enjoy, we encourage you to get active during your time here.

Religion & spirituality

If you would like to explore or renew your spiritual life, we provide transportation to religious services to anyone who wishes to attend.

Movies, karaoke and more

Having fun, enjoying your free time, and bonding with others in the program are important too! We have frequent movie nights and special events to celebrate holidays, birthdays, or just for fun.
Our Facilities

safe & comfortable accomodations

At the Willow House, you’ll be living in a stable, home-like environment. Our comfortable and spacious rooms house a maximum of 4 women each.

Our common areas provide plenty of opportunities for socialization with staff members as well as other residents who will become your new friends!

Call us right now to get the admissions process started, and you can be here tomorrow!