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Oaks Recovery

About Us

We are a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people overcome addiction.

Our mission is to provide effective & quality recovery resources for all individuals and families impacted by substance use disorder through action, connection, and community.

Our story

Why We're Here

Oaks Recovery was founded in 2015 because we had a vision of a world where recovery is rooted in all our lives, families, and communities.

We’ve experienced the destructive impact of addiction, but we’ve also seen the hope and healing that recovery brings. Our programs and services offer a safe, positive environment where individuals can find that hope and healing.

Core Values

Action, Connection & Community


Putting the program into action

Life in recovery starts with a program of action that addresses the root causes of addiction. It’s what we teach, and it’s what we live. Putting the program into action in our own lives sustains our recovery and allows us to lead by example.


Creating meaningful Connections

Connection is about meeting people where they are, and understanding that every person and experience is unique. We foster connection through shared experiences, opportunities to give back, and by creating a sense of belonging.


Building a Supportive Community

Building a community is essential for long-term recovery from addiction. It provides a sense of meaning and purpose, and it creates a network of support that we can count on when faced with challenges.


We know what it is like because everyone on our team has personally experienced addiction themselves or in their family.

and trained

Oaks Recovery has Certified Peer Support Specialists through the South Carolina Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

Our Team

Peer recovery Coaches

Our amazing team of peer recovery coaches is here to support and guide each person on their journey to recovery.

They have personal experience with addiction and recovery, which allows them to understand the challenges someone faces on the journey to recovery. 

Our Partners

Collaborating with Others

We work with other reputable recovery-focused organizations across the country and in Canada who refer people to our programs. This network also allows us to find appropriate recovery options for those who might not be the right fit for our programs.

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Art Deno

Co founder & Vice President

“The Oaks is an amazing organization, I cannot say enough about the staff, they have so much love and compassion in there hearts for everyone God puts in there path! Strongly recommend sending your loved one here. They go beyond and above.”

Angie Tibbetts

Manager of Individual Services

“I personally have been working with the Oaks for 4 years now. I can say without doubt that their peer to peer model has been most successful to our recoverees. The staff always have their residents best interest in mind providing quality care to those in need.”

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Pam Lanhart

Executive Director, Programming

“When our organization refers to Oaks Recovery, we know they will be cared for and wrapped up in love as they work through the most difficult days of their early recovery. They are professional and at the same time, make every person that walks through their doors feel incredibly special.”