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Daniel Thomas Younginer

Sobriety Date:



Powell, WY

Current activities:

Volunteering in the Oaks kitchen and helping others in recovery, and my goals are to get my license back, become a homeowner, and travel the world.

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What does recovery mean to you?

Recovery means life. Without recovery I’m just a body going through the motions. Today I get to experience feelings, I get to live!

What does recovery look like to you?

To me recovery looks like a fellowship, a brotherhood of misfits brought together with one common goal, to help the next alcoholic struggling.

What is something you do for yourself in your recovery?

Something I do for myself in recovery would be taking time to appreciate the small things. A sunrise, sunset, crisp winter air, Moe & Ghost greeting me with howls every morning. Just being present for all that Gods doing in my life.

What is something you do for others in recovery?

You could say I bake or cook for others in recovery but in all honesty I do it for me. Being able to give back when I’ve taken so much brings more joy to my life then I can express. You know what love, love is what I do for others in recovery. I love every alcoholic/addict wholeheartedly and unconditionally 🙂

Advice you’d give to someone new in recovery?

The best advice I can give a newcomer is to leave your bags at the door. Come as you are and embrace all that this program has to offer you.

What’s your favorite hobby in sobriety?

Easiest question to answer. Baking! Hands down the most enjoyable pastime. You literally get to decorate and bake goods that others get to enjoy! What more could you ask for?

Anything else you’d like to share or add?

I tried every substance to find happiness or fulfillment in this world as I’m sure you have. So why not try this? What’s the worst that could happen? Won’t be easy but I swear it’ll be worth it!

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