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The Offer Pledge

The Opportunity For Fair Employment in Recovery Pledge

Businesses in the Greenwood, South Carolina area can join the fight for recovery by pledging to give people in recovery a fair chance to support themselves by participating in the work force.

Is your company interested in taking the pledge?

Get proactive!

In addition to taking the pledge, your company can contribute to the fight for recovery in other ways. For example:

1. Educate your employees about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse

Although most people have encountered addiction in some form or fashion during their life, many don’t understand the true nature of the problem. 

2. Recognize the signs of addiction or substance abuse in the workplace

Understanding how to recognize the signs of serious alcohol and drug abuse can not just save your company money, it can save lives.

3. Address suspected abuse promptly and appropriately

Move the employee from handling any dangerous equipment immediately and address the issue with them in a private, sensitive manner.

4. Create a company policy for addiction treatment 

Many people avoid seeking treatment because they are afraid of losing their job. Having a leave policy for treatment can help convince people to seek help.