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Family Resources

Addiction has an impact on the entire family that often needs healing too. The following websites and services offer valuable resources and help for family members who have a loved one struggling with addiction.

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Tipping Point Recovery

Contact Information

Phone: 978-394-7788
Email: hello@tippingpointrecovery.com
Website: https://tippingpointrecovery.com/


Tipping Point™ Recovery’s mission is to help every family we meet to be educated to skillfully and confidently navigate the fractured addiction treatment system, to become grounded in recovery-possibility for their loved one, and to be empowered to take a stand and make recovery-oriented decisions, creating the best chance of success for their loved one.

We offer a full range of services to meet the needs of many families which includes a 4 part introductory program.

Stop the Chaos: An Introduction to Recovery Conversations™

A 30-day experience, our introductory program teaches the foundational principles of our Recovery Conversations™ Model and gives you actions to take RIGHT NOW to stop the chaos in your family’s lives. The training includes video lessons, tools & resources, and a private online community where you can connect with and receive support from others on a similar path. As well, you will receive guidance from graduates of our program, Family Recovery Ambassadors, as you move through the material.

Member Community

This private, year-long membership gives you access to our full 12-week Recovery Conversations™ Intensive training, including expert content along with monthly live calls and a private group forum for continuous education, community, and support. This content, which is not available anywhere else, holds the key to knowing what to do to navigate the complexities to provide real help for those who struggle with mental health and addiction issues.

Private Services

Our private services, which include Family System Case Management and Intervention, are custom-designed for you and your loved one to access a long-term solution, prevent relapse, and/or initiate recovery for the first time.

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Thrive Family Recovery Resources

Contact Information

Phone: 844-349-2911
Website: http://www.thrivefamilyrecoveryresources.org/

Thrive Family Recovery Resources offers help, hope, and healing for families impacted by substance use.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, partner, or child of someone struggling, we can support you.  Thrive uses evidence-based best practices to help families become educated and informed about substance use and how they can connect with their loved ones more effectively with compassion, collaboration, and communication skills. 

They provide support groups that are interactive, where cross-talk is allowed, and where a family member will leave with actionable solutions.  They help family members activate their own recovery first and learn how to assist their family members through the change process, which has been proven to shorten the length of use and prevent reoccurrence of use. They provide trained family peer support specialists to help equip families as they walk through the beginning stages of their own personal recovery.   And when their loved one does need help, Thrive will walk a family through that process in order to guide their loved one towards vetted programs that fit their specific needs.