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Thrive Family Recovery Resources

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Phone: 844-349-2911
Website: http://www.thrivefamilyrecoveryresources.org/

Thrive Family Recovery Resources offers help, hope, and healing for families impacted by substance use.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, partner, or child of someone struggling, we can support you.  Thrive uses evidence-based best practices to help families become educated and informed about substance use and how they can connect with their loved ones more effectively with compassion, collaboration, and communication skills. 

They provide support groups that are interactive, where cross-talk is allowed, and where a family member will leave with actionable solutions.  They help family members activate their own recovery first and learn how to assist their family members through the change process, which has been proven to shorten the length of use and prevent reoccurrence of use. They provide trained family peer support specialists to help equip families as they walk through the beginning stages of their own personal recovery.   And when their loved one does need help, Thrive will walk a family through that process in order to guide their loved one towards vetted programs that fit their specific needs.

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