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Jacob Fruchtman

Sobriety Date:



Dewey Beach, DE

Current activities:

Listen to music, watch movies, beat my roommate in mario cart (I accept all challengers). Cooking delicious food.

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What does recovery mean to you?

life and death. I choose life.

What does recovery look like to you?

Staying free from all mind altering substances. Helping others and being a positive member of society.

What is something you do for yourself in your recovery?


What is something you do for others in recovery?

I sponsor other guys in recovery. Talk to them about issues they may be having & share my experience with them.

Advice you’d give to someone new in recovery?

keep working the 12 steps, life only gets better.

What’s your favorite hobby in sobriety?

Hanging out with my friends in recovery.

Anything else you’d like to share or add?

I pick up 3 years this month and feel blessed to be where I am at in life, while getting the opportunity to help other alcoholics and addicts.

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