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Contacting your loved one

For our programs to be effective, we need to maintain an environment where residents can focus on building a life centered on recovery. Communication with your loved one will be limited during their stay here to reduce outside distractions.

We recommend you take advantage of this time to focus on your own healing and recovery. We know the devastating impact addiction has on the whole family, so please check out our Family Resources to find the support you need.


If you urgently need to get in touch with a loved one at Oaks Recovery, please get in touch with the appropriate program director:

Men’s Director: 864-538-4569 ext. 2

Women’s Director: 864-538-4569 ext. 3

Phone calls:

You won’t be able to call your loved one directly during their time at Oaks Recovery. Residents in our programs are not permitted to have a personal phone at any time during their stay. We strictly enforce this policy, and residents found violating it will be asked to leave our program immediately.

However, your loved one may call you from a phone line provided by Oaks at designated times after completing the two-week blackout period. These first 14 days at Oaks give our residents time completely free from outside distraction during the critical early phase of their recovery. Don’t worry; if anything were to happen to your loved one during this time, our team would notify you immediately.

Calls are limited to once per day and for a maximum of 10 minutes to ensure all residents have enough time to contact their loved ones.

Writing and receiving letters:

Residents can receive and write mail immediately upon arrival. We know that the first few weeks of recovery can sometimes be very emotional, so we encourage families to send loved ones letters of inspiration.

Letters should be addressed to:

P.O. Box 50023
Greenwood, SC 29649

Arranging visits:

After the first 30 days, residents can invite family and loved ones to visit them with the approval of the program staff. Visitation hours are Saturday or Sunday from 11am – 7pm. 

Residents are free to leave the property with their visitors. However, they are still responsible for respecting all of the rules and guidelines of our programs.

Oaks Recovery accepts residents from all over the United States and Canada, so we can also organize video calls via zoom if planning a visit in person isn’t possible.

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