Tips for Sustaining Recovery

Once you’ve detoxed and gone through a recovery program, can you sustain recovery? Long-term addiction recovery is completely possible and we believe that every addict should have that hope. If you are an Oaks resident, we’ll help you through a transition and recovery plan, but here are some important principles for continued recovery.


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The Stigma of Addiction

Stop the Stigma. Stop the Shame.

Love the Addict. Hate the disease.

Nobody wants to be an addict. Yet there are still people who treat addiction as some sort of weakness, moral choice, or failing as an individual. These beliefs can lead people or families to feel ashamed, alone, and hopeless in their struggles with addiction. This type of shame derives its power from being unspeakable. It causes people to stay quiet about their struggle. (more…)

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Addiction Impacts Everyone

Addiction does not discriminate. It does not care how old you are, what color your skin is, or if you live in a nice house. Addiction does not care if you are a teacher, nurse, mechanic, mother, brother, or student. This disease is just like any other illness. It can hit you like a ton of bricks out of nowhere or its presence can be known as long as you can remember. Addiction is not concerned with who takes the drugs or alcohol either; it is going to invade your life whether you struggle with it or someone you love does. Somehow, some way, addiction is affecting your life and my life right this very second.


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Are 12-Step Programs Religious?

Religion is the topic of many questions and concerns about the Twelve Steps. Is it religious? Do I have to be religious for it to work?

The issue is complex, but the short answer is “no.” Here’s how we would explain the relationship between the 12 Steps and religion.


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Recognize the Signs of Substance Abuse/Addiction

Substance abuse or addiction often triggers recognizable changes. Look for these signs that someone you love may be struggling.

Note: these signs can be caused by many different factors. The presence of one sign does not mean your loved is abusing or addicted to substances. Move forward with care.


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8 Reasons Crossfit is Great for Addiction Recovery

In the past few years, a little buzz has started around the idea of combining addiction recovery and Crossfit. Crossfit journals and recovery communities share stories of people who claim that Crossfit and recovery are the same thing. But why do the two go together so well?


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