Tips for Sustaining Recovery

Once you’ve detoxed and gone through a recovery program, can you sustain recovery? Long-term addiction recovery is completely possible and we believe that every addict should have that hope. If you are an Oaks resident, we’ll help you through a transition and recovery plan, but here are some important principles for continued recovery.

Remember the journey

Don’t forget the pain of addiction or the power of your recovery. Carrying a token—a ball, trinket, or piece of jewelry—can serve as a good reminder.

Maintain abstinence

Although some people can partake in substances with moderation, recovering addicts often cannot. The safest way to stick with recovery is to never give in to “just one drink” or “just one time.”

Recognize your triggers

Understanding your triggers is very important. Pay attention to the factors that create cravings, then create a plan to have more support in those times. In general, it’s important to avoid the H.A.L.T. state—when you’re hungry, angry, lonely, or tired, your willpower will be low and cravings are likely.

Seek a support system

A strong support system is vital in recovery. Join a recovery group, talk regularly with a mentor, and enlist sober family and friends in keeping you accountable and supporting you through the tough times.

Develop a new healthy lifestyle

Many elements of your previous life and habits will be triggers for your addiction, so creating a new healthy lifestyle is an important way to value your body and fill the void left by removing bad habits. Pick up new hobbies, start an exercise routine, and invest time in good nutrition.

Find a temptation-free environment

Don’t depend on willpower to keep you away from your addiction. Keep your environment clear of addicts and access to alcohol or drugs.

Give to others

Invest in others. Time spent with a recovery group, your family, or volunteering the community will keep you focused away from your cravings or temptations. People have invested in you, now give back.

Be patient with yourself

Recovery is a journey. You will have cravings. You will be tempted. Relapse is not the end. You always have hope to sustain recovery.

If you have any questions about addiction or recovery, we’re always here for you. Call now: (864) 538-4569

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